Call for Price

Height: 77 in.
Width: 34 in.
Depth: 64 in.
Power Requirements: 6 amps



NASCAR Racing a high energy fun and addictive driving game. Players will choose from 12 of NASCAR’s most celebrated drivers and race on the most popular NASCAR tracks. Each race will include 30 different NASCAR drivers and cars. Players listen to their pit boss as they zoom around the tracks at speeds of 200 MPH.

The NASCAR game has been designed with computer assisted driving to appeal to the casual players in addition to the in depth levels for the seasoned payers.

FEATURES Six Super Cool NASCAR tracks Daytona Talladega Lowe’s Indianapolis Phoenix and Bristol One Night Time Track 30 NASCAR Drivers and Cars Draft-Boost to Sling-Shot Your Car Ahead of Your Opponents.

Bumper to Bumper Racing Outmaneuver Aggressive Opponents into the Wall. Spectacular Graphics and Crashes. Halo and Horns Dependent on Your Driving Style.

You can link up to 4 units to compete head to head.