Holiday Events

Ah, winter. No matter how you may feel about the lower temperatures and growing snow piles, you have to admit-there’s always something pleasant about the way it looks.

If you’re having an awards ceremony, office party, or even a major conference during the colder months, why not get your attendees in the mood using our winter party rentals? My Little Carnival offers holiday & winter decor rentals for events of any size, perfect for enjoying the unique look of winter without having to, you know, actually be outside in the snow.

Turn your event space into a beautiful winter ski lodge with our rustic cabin decorations, including an actual ski holder! Or, if you prefer the more natural look, we offer peaceful winter forest displays for your guests to feel like they’re lost in the snowy woods without the risk of running into a real polar bear. Get your guests in the Christmas spirit with our selection of holiday rentals like thrones and themed decor, or go a little more timeless and classy with our ice-white party displays for the walls and ceilings.

We have everything you need to make an eye-catching holiday event. This includes live reindeer, Santa Claus, artificial snow and much more. Celebrate Christmas or any other holiday with My Little Carnival. We provide for any corporate, church, military, or even home carnival.

From a big office Christmas party to wrap up the end of the year, to creating a winter wonderland for your fourth quarter conferences, My Little Carnival has the holiday and winter party decor you need to get your guests in the holiday spirit – and in from the cold!