Bungee Run

Call for Price

Includes 2 bungees, 2 harnesses & 2 batons 35ft L x 12ft W (50ft X 20ft space required) Delivery fee applies to this product.

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He runs, he jumps, and he shoots! The Bungee Run inflatable is perfect for your next event! Its awesome concept perfect for all kinds of events, including team parties, league fundraisers, school carnivals, company picnics, holiday events, community events, military event, church events, high school fundraisers and a number of other different event types! Two players suitup in a vest attached to a bungee cord and run as far as they can and shoot the ball and try to score into the basketball hoop. As the player loses balance the cord will pull them back into the back of the inflatable. This inflatable is recommend for anyone over the age of 10!!